I am terrible at this blogging thing…

Trust me when I say that I would rather be Inside then suffer the humidity that is Texas weather right now OUTSIDE. I didn’t even want to leave the house for coffee this morning.

THAT and nothing particularly eventful has taken place in my life. Other then i have decided to change  my name….

ME: Rol, I’m going to change my name to “Pilar Encarnacion

*He’s buried behind is laptop screen with the world of warcraft blasting from his laptop speakers*

ME: Roland…..?  *sigh* 

So yes, I am going this week to change my name to Pilar Maria Marivel Encarnacion the first.

He could have stopped me but he was too busy trying to get to level 40, so now he is going to have to address me by full NEW name in order for me to respond.


A huge cockroach ran over my foot the other day. Nothing new in the old ass house I live in. Roaches in Texas are kind of like roaches in Florida. cockroach2 Comes with the territory. Anywhere where its as humid as it is here there are bound to be HUGE, flying, creepy ass roaches to run over your feet while you are minding your own business..

Like, my old friend that used to live in my sink at my old apartment. His name was Esteban, and he sure did love to scare the fuck out of me. Little mofo!



4 thoughts on “I am terrible at this blogging thing…

  1. I have cotton balls shoved into that little hole in the back of the sink for in case you overflow it because lately I have seen little feelers sticking out of it as i’m brushing my teeth. I haven’t named him yet…i’m hoping not to get attached. Roaches are nuts here, and fleas are real bad right now since the weather is so humid and hot. 😦
    I got this neat thing and its for lice but I use it to brush the animals for fleas because its an electric comb, like it zap’s whatever makes contact with two prongs on the comb. (Including your own finger) Now I cant stop using it on them, one of the dogs is now terrified because she put her nose to it one day when I wasn’t looking, bet she wont do that again!

  2. @SAM OMG, that is exactly what Esteban used to do. I didnt name him believe it or not, that really was his name. Dont ask…

    Tripper usually does a good job in killing them. But every now and again he misses one. I dont know how he missed this one tho, he was massive.

  3. I fucking hate hate texas bugs. there is no purpose for them but to scare the shit out of you. I check out old ppl all the buying bird food. and I’m not talking about one bag. I’m talking about a basket full of bird food. so I think we should elminate the bugs everywhere bc thanks to the elderly the birds are feed. you know cats only catch bugs bc they’re bored and their owners like it. maybe tripper was on cat sttrike that day.

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