Spamarama is quite funny actually.

You know the amount of SPAM comments that I receive is astounding. Sometime’s its hard to decipher what is really spam or not, or if it legitimately is someone who is in love with me my blog.

Again I am slacking in the whole blogging thing.I really should go out and make my own adventures or something to have quality writing material. Nothing cool ever happens to me anymore. :( 

I will be 29 in 2 months. WHAT THE EFF?! I decided that with it being the last year of my 20’s i should probably do some kind of accurate documentation. And do super cool things that I always wanted to do before I turned 30. We will see how that goes. It is the last time I will be in my 20’s.


Fuck its kind of disappointing when you say it that way, isn’t it?


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