Kid get’s bit by some rabid fish in a lake somewhere.


So, I have Expressed before about how I don’t like to swim in anything larger then a swimming pool or bathtub. I don’t like the ocean, I don’t like the lake, I don’t mind so much tubing in the river but it takes a lot for me to get out of my tube in water I cant see the bottom to.

I get the heebie jeebies swimming in the water with my character in World of Warcraft. 

You just never know what the hell is swimming around you. Apparently there is some serious Shit down there.

Case in Point…

Unknown Fish Attacks Child in Indiana Lake

Scottsburg, Indiana (WHAS11) – A 5-year-old girl was attacked by some type of unknown fish on Monday while swimming in a roped-off area at Hardy Lake in southern Indiana.

Some people in the area say this isn’t an isolated incident.
WHAS11’s Adam Walser was at Hardy Lake with more on this story.
5-year-old Loralye Daubaugh was doing okay on Tuesday.
On Monday, she was swimming in an area marked off by buoys in Hardy Lake when something bit her thigh.

“It felt like someone was pinching me,” said Loralye.
She wasn’t the only one who was bit.
Loralye and her grandmother ran to the concession stand for help, where they learned she wasn’t the first child attacked over the weekend.
They were told that a smaller child had also gotten bitten and her leg was also severely bruised.

The incidents now have people in the area wondering exactly what lies just below the water’s surface. People have speculated that it could be several different species of fish.
Fishermen speculated that it could be anything from a big carp, to a bowfin to a bass.
The staff believes it may have been a catfish guarding her nest.
And they expect the fish to head back out to deeper water once it’s young have hatched.
The park’s director says he expects the offending fish will most likely move on within the next few days.

—–They think it’s a bite from a fish called a “Brown Fish” or some crap. ^ That is it’s skull….



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