Merchandise for stalkers.


The Best Digital Camera Binoculars.

On this site that i was browsing through there is a section of what they call “The best” And everything that is apparently on this section is qualified as “The best”. So when i saw these, i thought to myself..”The BEST digital camera binoculars?” Meaning that there are OTHERS that aren’t the best? Because truly i have never heard of such a thing as these. Pretty creepy if you ask me. (Turns out, with a quick Google, there are TONS of digital camera binoculars, and even tripods for them, everyone should go buy some extremely heavy curtains RIGHT NOW!) What…..the EFF?


Then, i found these which are pretty cool.

Now, I’m not one who goes swimming in large bodies of water. But hey who wouldn’t want to take a AWESOME picture like this.




With these digital camera goggles my friend…, YOU can!


SHOP Digital camera binoculars for your stalking needs!!


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