God Damn i love being Mexican!

My friend Rene’s Best friend Singing El Pastor She freaking gives me the effin CHILLS when she holds those notes.

         Mariachi music is really WIN. I want this chick to sing at ALL my birthdays and my funeral. (Cause believe it or not, the majority of Mexicans WANT Mariachi’s to play at their funerals—TOTALLY true, just ask one.)

Some people (my mother) have told me that when I refer to myself as “Mexican” that I am wrong. Well because, she says that I’m not really even Mexican at all because to be considered a “Mexican” your descendants would have to have come from Mexico, where as mine apparently were some kind of Indian that never even lived in Mexico.

………………BUT back then Texas was apart of Mexico so, fuck it. I’m still Mexican. 🙂

BTW, I have NO idea what she is saying. But it sounds GORGEOUS!


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