Time to get back to life and things.

     At the end of the day life does move right along, at a annoyingly swift fuckin pace now doesn’t it.  It doesn’t even give you time to stop and smell the roses or whatever the hell kind of flower is around. In my case it would be “Smell” the cedar pollen that floats up my nose and into my eyes causing them to sear in pain like a thousand tiny toenails scratching the surface. (was that a little dramatic?) Maybe i said the toenail reference because my need to be cut in the worst way..

   Anyway today i embark on a adventure known as Tax Free Weekend clothes shopping with my father. While i like to spend time with my dad no doubt, its the shopping for clothes things I’m not really looking forward to considering well….trying on clothes makes me sweaty and depressed. ANDDDDDD i hate it. I tried to explain this to the man but he doesn’t listen to me. So hopefully i will get a starbucks out of it. 😀

Please god, give me the strength hold back the need to strangle a fucking kid today because the place is going to be crawling with them…..


2 thoughts on “Time to get back to life and things.

  1. im very surprised you went on the tax free weekend. me and robert just went to bealls at our corner of the world (5 points) and still some little kids were running and screaming around the store and to make it worse was that the father or the grandfather was the one egging them on, please mister cut the shit out.

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