My cat has a terrible habit!

It’s no secret my cat is fat.  I mean really.

Exhibit A.


    So, as someone who is fat, like i assume most fat things in this world, he ALWAYS wants food. We keep his food dish in the bathroom usually. But the longer we go without feeding him when he demands food, the farther out of the bathroom the bowl gets because he kicks it. True story.

If he goes more then a hour after his feeding time. He acts like a little Ethiopian kid famished and on the verge of starving to death. And don’t you DARE go to the bathroom and leave without feeding him!


He always goes for the Achilles. He sucks that way. He will YELLLL all night if you don’t feed him as much as he expects.

Like right now, as i write this. I fed him 30 minutes ago. I look to my left there he is.


Sometimes, I’ll go to the bathroom and the hungry mofo will be in between my legs back and forward under and through. Not paying any attention to him I take my pants down and sit.

Yup. This has happened more the once. You would think he would learn. Bad habits die hard I guess. Maybe I should move his food to the living room.


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