Hi, this is me procrastinating.

Puppy prep has commenced. BUT I, as you know am a huge HUGE procrastinator. Like, in the worst way. I have had this blog for about a year almost, and i have yet to decide what i want to do with it fully. I know its a nice place to come and rehash the ridiculous goings on around here, but lately they have been a little too and far between.

I find myself needing a venting mechanism of sorts to hash out anger, and frustrations etc. But who the hell wants to read about that shit. I know i don’t. PLUS its not really me to release all the details of my life publicly anyways.


(now for some completely vague randomness)

People aren’t always what they seem, and they grow apart. Things change over many years, people change. Its a part of life that i am perfectly fine with. Do i seem heartless, or cold because it seems like i don’t care….sure. Does that mean i don’t care, no. But it doesn’t bother me. Does that make sense?



now, i really do have to start the puppy prep. Cant wait for ya’ll to meet her.


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