My Landlord is the devil…i promise.

So the other day i returned home from doing laundry to a nice little note posted to my door…



There are a few things that i would like to say about THIS right here.

  1. We wouldn’t have to have a dog if the place we lived was safe. if our house didn’t keep getting broken into and our damn cars as well.
  2. So you have known that we have a dog. You even told Roland to hide the dog when the owner came by.
  3. WHY did you wait to deliver this nice little note the day AFTER we paid rent? OH YEA so you can have cash in your hand. Stupid bitch!
  4. This damn house isn’t worth losing a member of our family when it has already taken ONE FROM US.

Oh…yea. :)  One more thing. I hope you have fun cleaning out the fridge. That is all I’m going to say about that one.

Thank god we aren’t in a lease of any kind and have been month to month for like 2 years. Screw you Buddy!


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