Hi, Hi its me, I cant sleep. Way to excited!!

Technically I slept about 3 hours. I will also be the first to tell you that I know I will sorely regret it tomorrow morning when I have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to get everything I need to get done , done. :/ 

We get out new HOUSE keys today! Yip Yip!! I honestly can NOT contain my excitement!  This is a MAJOR upgrade for us considering…

  • We are going from a duplex, to a actual HOUSE.
  • We, at this house, have never had Central A/C or HEAT.  Now we do!!
  • No washer or dryer connections. Our new house has them!!
  • Going from 1 bdrm to 2!!
  • Its in SUCH a better neighborhood.

Granted, our new house has some burglar bars, but its alright. I consider it extra reinforcement for the Zombie apocalypse.


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