It’s a lot like running up a cold mountain barefoot….


It’s always true when someone says “You never really know how much bull-shit you have until you move”. I mean, I knew that we had things, & to be honest I threw a TON of it away. But then I open another box and there is just more crap. *sigh*

The move is going great!!!  <insert sarcasm here> It’s a pretty slow process and I would really like to be done by this weekend. In a perfect world I would have my house unpacked,  xmas tree up,  and my priest to level 80 before Cataclysm hits Monday night. ←World of Warcraft for those non-nerdy people.

I bought this amazing mop that sprays cleaner from it. But I decided it would be a bad ass idea to buy regular Pine Sol, so now my house smells eerily similar to a Mexican Meat Market. Don’t know what a Mexican meat market smells like? Mop your floor with Pine Sol, then you will know.  I should have gotten the purple one (Pine Sol).

On a lighter note, I haven’t killed anyone or anything yet. Animals are amazingly happy, and its nice to be able to finally cook a decent meal.  I’m attempting Fideo tonight. Thinking maybe YouTube would have a awesome “How-to” make bad ass Fideo video” we looked and boy were we wrong. The first video was some guy referring to it as “Verm-eh-chelly”  then said to add SOUR CREAM!?!? So I was like oh no way NEXT!! The next one was a southern lady that kept calling it “Fee-day-oh” and I’m sitting here thinking to myself “Why aren’t there any Mexican people making this shit on YouTube?!? That’s what I want and NEED! (Not that white people can’t make Fideo or anything.  I prefer my Latin brothers and sisters who aren’t afraid of spices n’ shit.) So the last and final video started out with the god damn Mexican Hat dance and I didn’t even have to hear what the hell the ingredients were, I knew we found our video!

(I ended up calling Roland’s cousin for her recipe)


So sitting on the computer when I should be unpacking has become my latest hobby. This week apparently has been change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon until Monday to fight child abuse. HOW that fights child abuse I’m still not too sure, but its fun to see who puts what.  It may not fight child abuse but it produces awesome little gems like this…

lolcartoonfail I literally LoL-ed for like 10 minutes.


One thought on “It’s a lot like running up a cold mountain barefoot….

  1. hey they are playing the song speedy gonzalez dances too, lol and don’t use pine sol save that for the bathroom, but that purple stuff called fabuloso, it smells nice for the floors alot more fresher too

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