My backyard is like the god damn Garden of Eden..or possibly a graveyard.

I find new shit going on in the house daily. This time I thought I’d take a mosey around my backyard during the warmth of the day while I had the dogs out.


tomato So, apparently i have a “lush garden” growing in my back yard. I mean, that’s the conclusion I have arrived at considering the mass amounts of wild berries and shit I find on the bushes out here…

ladybugAnd then I was attacked by a ladybug with no spots. ..?  This sucker would NOT leave me alone…


You can’t really see it. But i have a suspicious mound in the back yard with a piece of wood on the top of it. I’ve convinced myself its a body, and the wood was the cross marker. I swear that’s exactly what it looks like.


And then finally, there is the alien weed that is holding on to the side of my house with fingers. ….I’m not kidding…it has fingers people!!!! You know something else that has fingers too…




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