Us Mexicans are so God damn Resourceful!

Yesterday I decided it would be a nice little change to head to work with Roland. And by “I decided it would be a nice little change” That really means I was forced.

He has been working on this excessively, over large, million dollar house that in MY opinion was in the WORST location you could possibly put a million dollar house. BUT it did have awesome tree’s in the front so I “Guess” that made it a little better. And the master bathroom was nothing short of amazing, But Roland didn’t seem as awestruck by it as I was. He’s a plumber so a bathroom is a bathroom to him I suppose.

If I ever win the Lotto, I fully plan on having a normal house with extremely extravagant bathrooms with themes like “The Jungle in the rainy season”  And “Mother Ship”  I mean, who doesn’t want to take a shower in a damn rainforest huh?!  Let alone a alien space craft. Am I right?!?!?


While standing next to the scaffolding where Roland hilariously and quite un nimbley-(ish?) climbed up I happened to notice a ladder that was propped up. The top of the ladder had some 2×4’s attached to it so I was like…

”Dang the ladder wasn’t long enough so they had to extend it with 2×4’s or what?!”

scaryassladder1Upon closer inspection, and to my damn shock I will have to be honest with you, This ladder was not just merely “Rigged” for a longer reach. This ladder was fucking BUILT!. By, like, hand.

scaryassladder2  This really does have to be the single, scariest ladder I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Isn’t there some kind of builders code or something that prevents this kind of un-safe ladder usage…because seriously guys…this is some dangerous ass, unsafe shit.

scaryassladder3 I’m not even going to get into all the support boards this already UNSAFE ladder needed to be a little more…safe…or..unsafe-less…..? 


Oh, and I ate a acorn off the ground. 🙂


One thought on “Us Mexicans are so God damn Resourceful!

  1. that is too funny and it was a homemade latter, was that the one roland was climbing the scaffold on and if it was just nailed those nails on the steps could come loose they could have used screws for a little more support, but funny story

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