I mean, who screams across parking lots? Really?

I will be the first to admit, mornings are not my friend.   I actually hate them very much actually.  Today was like no other day really.  Get up after a long night of little to no sleep.   (I blame last night on the passers of gasses Roland & Butterscotch.) <—yea thanks for that. Assholes.


I decide that today is the day to get a baby gate for the kids because well, I’m tired of being ghetto and using a shelf to block them from going into my living room to tear my shit up.

I get my things together after I park, start walking to the entrance of the store and I hear from quite a ways away..


I’m naturally nosey so I was like damn who’s yelling, and who’s getting yelled at? So I turn to look. And I see this girl that I know getting into the car with her sisters and she was in fact yelling and I was the one being yelled at.


I replied with a quick “I didn’t see you.”  And I walked in the store lol.

Was I supposed to stop and talk to her?   What the hell is someone supposed to do in that type of situation?  I mean, not to mention the fact that I was in my GD pajama pants and I already didn’t want to draw any more attention to myself then I already have.  I have some chick screaming her lungs out at me in the middle of the fucking parking lot because I didn’t acknowledge she was there.   DUDE, I wear glasses for the love of Pete! (Whoever the hell Pete is anyway)

Maybe Its just my personality, maybe its me being around Roland so much and his fucking antisocialness is rubbing off on me or something.   But if I see someone at the store and they aren’t someone who I am really close with or someone who I really  want to socialize with I usually hide from them.  Who the HELL wants to be caught in a awkward ass conversation that are equally hard to leave from.

-image credit to Hyperbole & a Half  (one of my favorite blogs EVAR!)


2 thoughts on “I mean, who screams across parking lots? Really?

  1. well i know it might be ackward but did you wave at her at least? and why are you going to the store in pajamas, believe me its crossed my mind acouple of times but “noooo i wouldn’t” (snap) and btw when you told me on xmas to stop giving you my stuff, lol i had a gate in the closet i could have given you.so who was this chick just someone you know in passing or what?

    • She was the daughter of Rolands Boss. I told her that i didnt see her lol…and then i walked in the store lol… I need another baby gate if u wanna give me that one u have. lol

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