A Perfect Circle!!!



I was worried that they would sell out before i had a chance to get them. Visions of the website crashing and me left with General Admission crossed my mind. BUT…that was not the case….We got VIP tickets like we wanted!!!!  HELL we don’t ever go out, and we don’t ever have opportunities like this…so fuck it….


We get…

Sound Check pass holders will receive:
– 1 single premium location ticket, with advance entry to the venue, prior to doors opening to the general public.
– Exclusive Access to A PERFECT Circle’s sound check
– Limited Edition APC 2011 Signed Tour Lithograph.
– Limited Edition APC 2011 Exclusive tour merchandise, available only to sound check pass holders
– Exclusive APC 2011 tour sound check pass
– Exclusive, Pre-show access to the Band’s merchandise stand before the general public.

Roland and I are huge, HUGE Maynard fans…(apc, Tool)  So this is amazing for us!!!! We are SOOOOO Excited!!!!!



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