It’s like Drunken Indiana Jones.


I had some good LOL from this website. Its supposed to predict what your next tweet will be in the future.  Some are funny others seem like i am twittering away after drinking a whole bottle of vodka.

Here are some examples…

– It’s like drunken Indiana Jones…well to bed today at that would be free, to put in my system.

-Uhm…yea, u hve come along and nvr,Nvr seen this. WHAT is so excuse me…

-So, I just made myself a GIANT glass of strawberry milk. I want him in E. (apparently this website decided to channel my former inner E-tard?)

-Yea, its gone. : Planning something special this is pick a knife if its a occasion some strange

-I woke up at hafbrau at work and nights are completely reversed. 12pk last night anddd im a joke lol.. (roflroflrofl i died)

-Satan likes to RAIN!!! I played Just sayin. OMG Tell Renee i understand not doing formspring anymore?

-Yea i heart my cousin recently had mentioned my life… it be like drunken Indiana Jones… (man, im thinking im going to have to check out this Drunken Indiana Jones thing…)

-WTF did I think I’m going to stir it because they were talking about that guy?

-Being new to go to Holy, smooth? yea i love fish and I live where he will b anywhere NEAR that.  (hmmmm i wonder what “THAT” is lol)

-I think its freezing….and i have a Dungeon Dragon  (i ferreals do..)

-Satan likes two men in July and he said he chopped 2 pancakes I heart my system. At this was win.

-Don’t matter to me. im a cake. 😀 what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! zomg. *uses that!!



HERE have a go at it if you have a twitter…Its pretty funny!!


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