Holy crap i suck…

I mean i really do considering that i want to blog and i never do…BAH.

Anyway, after almost 2 years of being unemployed i got a job at a local garden center watering plants. NOW, i will be honest, when i tell people of my new found employment, people (especially those who know me fairly well) say “What? YOU?  Working outside? In the heat?!” And its true…i work out in the scorching Texas heat.  My mom basically fears for my boyfriends life daily because i don’t do well in the heat. But i really did get somewhat used to it.. And when i get home i kind of feel like a “runners high” if i can use that in this type of situation. Like i really worked HARD, because I’m not even going to lie or be dramatic y’all….its manual labor.  Not to mention, its a real huge learning experience….for example..


1. Appearances ARE deceiving!!


IMG_20110510_074921 The first time i saw this tree i literally stopped and was like “Alright what the fuck??!!” I mean, i don’t know SHIT about plants, i will be the first to admit that. WHY they have me back there I have NO IDEA. I just water them. So when you see a plant that looks like this you will naturally stop and question if it really is supposed to be there….turns out it is…


This is what it really is.  Some kind of Japanese Maple…..its really nice when it turns red actually. 😀


2. If you see a fruit tree growing a awesome mini fruit….

IMG_20110510_093418  DON’T EAT IT BECAUSE IT WILL NOT TASTE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3.  No matter how much you want it to live…..SOMETIMES…its just not going to happen….


4.  No matter how good you think it smell’s…and how awesome it is….DO NOT wear any kind of floral body spray/perfume….

spray-gardenia2Because you WILL spend your day being chased by bee’s..

bees-on-flowers-photo345345  i found that one out the hard way…fyi!

5.  Take the time to enjoy the beauty ……


Sometimes i cant believe i am being paid to do this…


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