oh, holy crap and blah!

So, i don’t know if every blogger comes to the point in deciding whether or not to disclose ALL of themselves etc.  Some bloggers as far as i know only show the humorous side, or the satirical side. Or the whatever the fuck side they decide to play up on the internet.

My main thing is not necessary what my readers will think but hell…my family? So it really comes down to a point in deciding what my family will think reading this etc. Is there really things that i am not fearful to say….for example….am i willing to say things like “1999 called my aunt and they want their belly piercing back?”  Do i want to be that kind of blogger person?

Or do i want to say that i have a fear of reading the news because i don’t want to read or view how the world or mankind with demolish themselves into obscurity…?

I’m really trying to find myself as a writer……

How far am i willing to go?


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