Dear Dad,

In celebration of fathers day etc….i decided to get all mushy etc and release my inner emotions when it come to you and this day. 😀

Me and you have always been close, and when i say always i mean since i turned 27 and i outgrew my bad decision phase. :)  I always knew , that you knew best but I never listened because I always knew better then you. *so i thought* I never agreed with what you told me what was true, or the right way of doing things because i KNEW IT ALL!!!!

My fondest memories of growing up was the times when all TV’s were turned off and the stereo was busted out. *my dad had a bad ass stereo* and we spent the night listening to music.  ALL KINDS of music.  “Stacey Q, Beatles, Cerrone, etc.”

I just want you to know Dad, that i consider myself very lucky. and i wish on every star in the sky that i was a better daughter to you. I wish that i never did some of the things that i did in my life to you.  I wish that i knew how much you meant to me then, like i know now.  I wish that i could erase all of the bad from your mind, and leave you with memories of a perfect daughter. Buuuuuut…thats not me… 😦

I love you, …….i don’t know what i would do without you….. you are a major part of my life….and i cant see it without u in it…..

and i just want you to know dad, that i love you very much……..


Happy Fathers day…


Crystal ❤


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