*Rubs paddles together* CLEAR!

I sure has been quite a bit of time since I have sat down and actually written some things out.  And its also sad to say that nothing even remotely eventful has taken place in that amount of time.

I’m pretty much a shut in when it comes out outdoor events.   I have almost all but quit playing World of Warcraft due to boredom.  Adopted Skyrim as my second home.  Found out that I am in fact Korean some where in my blood because of my newly formed obsession with K-Pop music.  And when I say “K-pop” music I really mean ONE band.  Because I will be honest, I haven’t really listened to any of the other ones.

They's Epicsauce.

I also had a job interview recently,  so lets all say hooray for monies.  Thats about it.  Like i said there is nothing eventful these days….i live a boring life.  And that makes me sad.

I guess i COULD tell you about the psycho-path girl i came across recently.  Lol…i’ll save that for another entry.


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