LA CASA MUDA , 2NE1 new track, and I’m so sick of eating Ramen.

Tomorrow I get to continue my job searching journey with i believe will be my final interview….i just want the damn money, for petes sake.   In my spare time i have acquired like 40 million tumblr blogs (not really just 3, but that’s a fkkin nuff)  and have spilled red soda all over my dog screaming my head off in La Casa Muda.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the Original version of the New Silent House movie that just came out with the hotter Olsen.  I thought it was awesome, but fully expected to not have to go see the new one because I have seen this one.  Turns out they’re way different so I guess i have to head my ass to the movie theater tomorrow.  Bah…..i wish my boyfriend wasn’t such a damn chicken so I didn’t have to go by myself.

On another note while looking for content for one of my tumblrs i came across the newly released FULL version of 2NE1’s SCREAM with is the new single from Japan. whee….

I wont even lie to you, Minzy was never a initial favorite.  I don’t know what it was about her at first, but the more i watch her perform she like takes on a whole different personality and she i believe is the sexiest one when she performs…EASY

minzy3  So as i sit here eating Ramen for like the eleventy-millionth time this week lets reflect on the week that is almost gone…  And then do it all over again next week…

HOPEFULLY WITHOUT THE RAMEN!  I;m so sick of fuckin Ramen!



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