When your earwax clog’s your ears, thats a a bad thing right?

Every year like damn clockwork I start having this incredible earwax issue. Although if you speak to my mother she will gladly and embarrassingly inform you that I have in fact always had a ear wax issue.  Don’t listen to her, she lies.  ANYWAY….

Around the spring/ summer months the humidity goes through the roof and the dew points reach a sticky, drippy high.  (listen to me getting all metrological n stuff)  That humidity in turn causes the earwax in my ears to just dissolve into gooey grossness that plugs up my ear hole so everything in that particular ear sounds like Charlie browns teacher Wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah wah wah.

Its so fucking annoying….

“Why don’t you try cleaning your ears? Stick a Q-tip in there….?”  I’m way ahead of you geniuses on that one. In fact i HAVE used Q-tips….and you know what it does….pushes in the earwax so that its even more plugged up…..I need Dr. J in my life.


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