A dream, is a wish…your heart makes.

The lotto is up to $500 million ya’ll!

The cash payout would be something equally as stupid, like $300 million or something.  Hell even $200 million dollars is ridiculous.   What do you do with that kind of money?   Its a situation where its so much money I wouldn’t even know where to get started.   My boyfriend and I have discussed it many times as far as what WE would do with it.  We unanimously agree we would build the ultimate, amazing house…..In The Shire.


I am literally NOT even joking. We would build a house JUST like this one and live as hobbits in some lush countryside somewhere. Definitely OUT of Texas.  Somewhere cool and green and not hotter then fkkin HELL.

My boyfriend told me that he would gladly take up riding a motorcycle.  Me on the other hand I would refrain from activities which would cause me to die and not use my winnings….So that’s not a option for me.

Another would be travel…..I am not a fan of airplanes and such but with $300 million dollars under your belt u could easily commission a private Jet to set off on a world adventure.  You could virtually go ANYWHERE IN THE DAMN WORLD YOU WANTED!!!! 


Our little underground hobbit house would need amazing interiors right?!  So of course we would need the most amazing home theater ever created on gods green earth…

4gp26aWith more cushy chairs though…but the idea that they would be hella easy to clean makes me lean to the leather. 

So play the Lotto!!!! U might win!!!



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