Why cant people just give me money for being cool?

That would be effin epic if you ask me.  It would be better then going to a place that i hate, and deal with people who , lets face it , i hate.   I have never really liked people to begin with.  When someone comes into my line who is a young man…with cases and cases of sodas and loads of heavy ass shit, and just stands there watching me move said heavy ass shit by myself to another location and doesn’t even offer to lend a hand.  That really pisses me the fk off.   FOOL YOU LIFTED THE SHIT ONTO THE CART, PUT IT BACK!!!  I don’t get paid enough for this shit.


Or the person who walks by my register and asks me if I’m open.  For reals?  What do you think? I just like to stand at this register filled with money under this giant ass sign that says OPEN for the fk of it?  Just cause I thought it looked like a bad ass place to stand?  No mother fkker!  I’m not open for stupid ass people who ask those sorts of blatantly ridiculous questions.   They do the same thing to me when im out in the store…. “Do you work here”?  WTF?!?!?!?  No, i just happened to pick up this bright blue vest thing and decided it would be awesome to throw over my shirt with this nametag.  I should have my hand glued to my face from the moment i walk in the door…i have a permanent facepalm anyway…

And god damnit i started my stupid  .


3 thoughts on “Why cant people just give me money for being cool?

  1. OMG! We should patent the “PermaPalm” (for dealing with everyday stupidity) I like when some fuckwit looks at my uniform, blatantly reads my name and title and then says “..you some kinda manager here?” I always wanna say “Ya know what fuck-wit, you just failed the IQ portion of the oil change.. time to get the fuck off the property”
    I share your pain CC, so many stupid people out there.. makes you wanna get the hell off of this planet.

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