So, wtf is Bath Salts anyways?!

With all the recent talks of Zombies and the designer drug called “Bath Salts” it sparked a curiosity in me considering i had never even heard of the shit before.  Mainly because they don’t sell it in the World of Warcraft auction house.  That and because I’m 30 years old and most 30 year olds think that shit is crazy.  

So “Bath Salts”  wtf is it?  Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) that’s what.  (Yea sound that shit out, i had to. )

Well from what I gather it’s a stimulant of sorts, completely legal (at the moment, im sure not for long)  Sold at most smoke shops etc. 

mdvp Literally looks like its called.  Like bath salt.  Also can be ground up more to look like flour.  You can take it my snorting,  put in caplets,  smoke it,  whatever way the crack heads who take this shit decide….I’m sure there is some crazy asshole out there who has plugged this shit at some point too.  ( HERE if you don’t know wtf plugging is)

What does it do?  You mean BESIDES making people insane and eat faces off?  Well….

From what I have read the experience for most at first is pleasurable…euphoric. much like a regular stimulant, Talkativeness, the need to be on the move, feeling a intense connection with the person or people who you are with, sweating,  rapid heartbeat etc.   Then the comedown it seems is where things get uncomfortable and to ease that feeling ppl dose up more.  According to reports the comedown can last anywhere up to 6 hours of just feeling like ass and a intense urge to take more. 


So people take more…..and more…and more…..before you know it they’ve been up for 2 days and are completely GONE , off redosing Bath Salts….And that’s where things get scary.

Sleep Deprivation in itself can make you do and see some crazy shit.  Sleep Deprivation PLUS some crazy ass drug you just stuck up your nose I’m sure that’s no effin better.

“This substance, like all stimulants, makes me very paranoid, but I have never experienced anything like this before. After I had finished off the gram, which was at the three day point, I started having very vivid hallucinations of people being in my house who refused to leave. ”- Jeff

Yea, um …..NO.

I’m not one to promote drug use at all, i haven’t touched a illegal substance in many years, but if you are going to get high on something

A. stay away from the drugs you cant fkkin say or pronounce

B. stay away from the shit that keeps you up for X amount of days.

Just smoke some damn weed’s or something  kids.


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