Ah, society. Giving young girls a image complex since god knows when.

What is your definition of fat?  Husky?  Big boned?  Everyone is different in what they find beautiful.  So how is it that there isn’t that kind of visual variety in main stream media?  Especially when it comes to the asshole pop culture bloggers….

Granted, I’m sure that the majority of what they say is to generate some sort of chuckle deep down etc.  But I mean there has to be a line drawn somewhere…. I’m pretty annoyed with this whole “Mila Kunis is fat”  thing…..Here is why….



mila-kunis-fat-04-435x580 mila-kunis-fat-blood-ties-0530-16-435x580

I mean really people?  If you think that is fat then there is something seriously wrong with our culture…No wonder why everyday on tumblr there is some chick crying about how fat she is and posting pictures of this shit……tumblr_m4y4yv8c1w1r8tttno1_400



It really makes me sad for the future of women so driven by the need to be a visual perception that is being established by keyboard commandos who i will guarantee if “Fat Mila Kunis” walked up to them and pulled down her pants they would give it to her anyways!!!!!

Makes me want to stay fat just to give a huge, big ass, fuck you to society and their “concept” of beautiful.

Now I’m off to give some of these girls on tumblr E-hugs.  And some pics of the most awesome sammich i can find. 


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