ReOpening Pshhaww!

Because WHY the fuck not……

There is a lot about life that i can honestly say that i know nothing about.   I pretend to know what the fuck is going on at all times.  I’m good at googling shit.  Also good at rambling apparently.

Like for example, yesterday i make the treck into the new walmart by my apartment.  First off i want to definetly say that i HATE grocery shopping.  I didnt really like it before but now that i live on the third floor of a fucking building i REALLY hate it.  Its not a matter of now, going in and grabbing and holding my breath at the end total at the register.  NOW its more like,

“ok, am i going to be able to carry all this bullshit up in one trip?”  This is the struggle i have daily.  Even shopping for spaghetti sauce is strange….I mean…..before it was just chunky mushroom….taking in consideration the likes and dislikes of the household, i rarely got a chance to really “try” new things….

Like, this for example....

Like, this for example….

Wtf?  Have they always had this? !  And how the fk do you flavor something with “meat”?!  And what type of meat are we talking about? Because last time i checked there were several variances and some of them i’m not sure i want to be flavoring my spaghetti sauce…

This is why i ended up buying ramen, 4 different types of cookies, and a box of apple bear claws…..


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