Back to blogging, i do realize that i say that often…. dont judge.

Did i ever tell you what happened with my dryer?  lol??

So in the Previous Post I had offically moved in my washer and dryer….Dryer was 3 prong plug was 4 prong….  yanno.  /eyeroll.  Turns out after all that crap, it still didnt work.  Heating element, damn.  Friend came by to fix it,  hes taking it apart and he peeks his head over the dryer to look at me…

“Hey,  come here”

Serious as fuck, im thinking omg there is a dead animal i know it.  But i look over and he pulls out a wire.  Instanly i knew what it was…..  Fucking underwire from my bra killed my dryer.


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