People just annoy me, thats all.

I dont consider myself a really hateful person.  MOST of the time anyway.  But sometimes i just come across people that either A. dont fucking THINK or B. are just plain boneheads and have zero manners.   Take yesterday, my trip to Wal-Mart.

I decided to browse through the cat toys for Patrick, my new dude.

Patrick ^

Patrick ^

So i’m there in the cat section picking out various toys etc and these ladies with a kid come along and are looking at bowls etc.  So I grab a toy off the rack and politely move out of the way so they can grab one and do the same.  They start pulling off all the toys and looking behind shit, looking at collars, looking at other toys and im just kind of standing there with the toy in my hand like okay?  Um…i was sorta here before you.   So i stand there and wait, and wait, and WAIT they are still going through all the bullshit so i began tapping the cat toy impatiently on my hand…i do this for about 5 full minutes before the lady turns to me and says…

“Oh i’m sorry did we push you out of the way?!”

I dead ass looked at her and said “YEA, a little bit!!” grabbed my cat toy and walked off shaking my head.




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