The time had come to do a civic duty to all that have encountered zee Dirtbag…..

I’m scandalous ya’ll….

The other night i was sitting here minding my own business when i get a text from the cop that i had met the week before.  As you guys may recall he was the one i was referring to in THIS post.  It was unexpected and a little off putting because It sort of had a slight…..threatening undertone.  Sort of like….you should forget we ever spoke if you don’t want to make life worse for yourself kinda thing.

LOL….yea um…..negative.  

Oh hell No..

Oh hell No..

Now in all honesty i didn’t really care.  I mean i hadn’t spoken to him in a week and i barely knew him to begin with but in talking with my friend simultaneously we decided that he should maybe be taught a lesson.  What if i went full on SWIMFAN on his ass…. ? (for those of you who haven’t seen swim fan you totally should)  Maybe a nice little scare would snap him out of his dirtbag ways early so he can grow to be a decent, faithful person to his gf.  Also, it would kind of be a little fun.  (I’m hella evil)

So i preceded to “FLIP” out, “how could you do this to me, im going to tell everyone”, that kind of shit.   Now i dont follow his gf on Facebook but i had seen her profile, now everyone knows that when you arent friends with someone and send them a message it automatically goes to the “OTHER” folder.  Who the hell checks the other folder…NO ONE.  So i knew if i sent her a little “Hi” she would never get it.  I planned on blocking them after this little game anyway.  SO i sent her a little “HI” and took a pic and sent it to him.  I would have given ANYTHING to see his face…to see him panic thinking i was going to bust him out to everyone.

I left it a hanging conversation…never responded so for all he knows im a completely psychotic girl out there who has pictures of his ginormous wang just waiting to send them to his girlfriend and any given moment.  Truth is i deleted those texts and pics long ago.  LOL

Maybe now….he’ll be a little more non dirtbaggy.



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