It has been raining for days……

And this is it now.....fkking Texas weather...

And this is it now…..fkking Texas weather…

I had one of the worst mornings ever.   Yesterday climbing up the stairs to the parking garage (because the side i went to didnt have a elevator and i thought it did)  4 floors, hella flights, i felt my back pull.  YAY….. so it was bothering me a little last night so i took a muscle relaxer so i could sleep so naturally i was a tad groggy this morning.   I wanted to sleep in BUT Patrick wanted to play so he layed behind me and scratched his Freddy Kruger’s on my back all morning.

Getting out of bed at 7:50am i had to leave my 8:00am so i was rushing a tad.  Get all my shit and walk outside and its POURING…

Walking to my car my cotton flats submerged in water i finally sit in my dry car with soaking wet feet, turn that mother fkker on and BAM no gas…..i forgot i had to put gas.  I was going for it i had no time to stop…. Had to be at work at 8:30am!

I was Hella mad.


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