I’m making fish Tacos tomorrow i needed sauce!!!!

Some may call it Ratchet, i call it Gangster…..

So, on a trip to Chachos this evening, (a nacho spot that people get shot at by cops)  My girl , Brittany was hella hungry… TOO hungry for the nacho plate we had last time so she needed the EXTREME nacho plate….i tried to tell her…

She didnt Listen!

She didnt Listen!

The NACHO mountain was a little offensive….not to mention gross , but i helped her as much as i could….i will admit that my cheese to chip ratio was way off, ill pay for that when i cant shit for the next few days….  Just saying….

Not to mention the fact that If Brittany sees a ugly baby she will tell your ass…..


So im making fish Tacos Sunday….well technically TODAY and i bought all the fixings but i didn’t have a sauce.  So i told Brittany since we were going to CHACHOS i might as well snag some of that green sauce they have, i told her i had a baby Tupperware….she didn’t believe me….

Girl laugh at me again when ur eating some of that NOM green sauce on ur fish taco tomorrow night….!



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