The soap incident

I wont pretend to understand the actions of another person.  People have their little “things” , quirks if you will.  Things that they do without even knowing they do in the first place.  These things are noticeable to someone who obviously doesn’t have this same “quirk“.  Sometimes the “quirks” can have someone sit back and be like, “well okay then?”

I bring you to the soap incident.  Which I have to say is something  have never encountered.

Having lived with my roommate for a little over 2 weeks, and having spent time in the apartment for a couple of months on the weekends I knew he had his “man” soap.  You know, the soap that is mainly used by men the one that dries out your skin to no end.  Irish Spring ass soap.  So typically in the mornings I take a shower before work and I “sit”   I’m a shower sitter in the morning, basically because I’m tired as fuck and who the hell wants to stand up in the shower when you can sit your ass down.  Am I right?  So one morning, I get in the shower and sit my ass down….I happen to look over to my right….


What the hell?!

Sitting there in the shower I stare at this little folded crumb of soap and I DIE!   I am all for saving and conservation of the supplies but HOLY SHIT!!!  This dude used that soap up enough to where he could FOLD that little mother fucker in half, and STILL use it!!!   And he did….he used it, and used it until it was a teeny tiny crumb of soap.  WHY he couldn’t just use shampoo is beyond me but he stretched that shit OUT!!!!!

I made it my morning routine to check on the soap crumb….it became my little folded homie in the mornings.  It gave me a nice little chuckle as i sat my ass in the hot water….until one day….. Javier (thats what i named him, my little soap buddy)  was NO MAS…


RIP Javier,  i will miss you often…


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