About Me and Pshhaww…

I wasn’t one of those people that ALWAYS wanted to be a writer. Although i always did find myself  jotting down something or other.   I went through my teenage angst phase where i wrote really bad poetry about boys that broke my heart and how much i was in love with my guy best friend. I often carried around a back back with a little note book inside that i would write down my “realizations” i had when i would smoke pot. Those were always funny to go back and read because they were usually things that were so ridiculous or common sense.

So we come to now, i realized a few years ago after i got out of a really bad relationship that i would embrace my cynical side. People seemed to associate me with that type of behavior. Mix that with a splash of Vulgar and here we are ..

I created my blog “Pshhaww” so i could say the word FUCK without anyone telling me it was wrong.   To write about my crazy animals and my even crazier boyfriend.   To talk about the shit that happens to me in life or the stupid fucking people that come in and out of it. I’m NOT a mommy blogger.   Or someone who gives a shit about fashion and the aesthetics of glam bags and what kind of makeup i use.

I hope to make you laugh along the way, but if not well…..

fuck you. 😀