I really should read a how to book, or something…


ME: “Roland….I shorted out the surge protector..”

ROLAND: “Did you press the button?”

ME: (flipping switch on and off) “Yea but it doesn’t work.”

ROLAND: “But did you press the button?”

ME: “There’s a button?” (presses button)

ME: It works. 🙂

I Just wanted to say….


      That through this whole blogging thing, i have met some super cool people, read some really funny blogs and made some really awesome friends!! I would like to take a moment and share a couple of really awesome blogs that i go to daily!!


Bee’s Write

She is terribly funny and has turned me on to Mike Rowe Mondays. Every time I see Mike Rowe anywhere I think of Beesus. She is a amazing writer and can convey a awesomely funny thought without littering a post with the word “fuck”. (a feat which i envy to the fullest degree) She also taught me that scientist’s dose sheep with meth to Taser them. (true story just ask her or her dad)  😀

Here’s to you Beesus , god damnit. You rock in many way’s my darling.


Sam @ Happiness Tourniquet

  The Dog trainer, in training that hates crazy dog owners. I dub her one of the sweetest girls on the interwebs! She has a super cute ferret named “holly”, which she actually JUST found out was a dude. :(  She’s content with it saying “So from now on I have a transvestite ferret and I’m ok with that.”

Her blog is awesome in many ways, especially if you enjoy intelligent people. Cause lord KNOWS I do! She ALSO can communicate clearly without using the word “fuck” repeatedly.

….Hummm i’m thinking maybe i should get with these ladies and learn this SKILL!!


ANYWAYS thanks ladies….you guys are WIN!


And that is all….

I woke up this morning….well afternoon rather, to a PRESENT!!

I received a AWARD!!!!

Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you THANK you Sam of Happiness Tourniquet!!  I cant even tell you how much this really means to me, its my very FIRST blog award. ::HUGS::

You, my darling, ROCK!

UPDATE: Sorry it came so late, i had a pretty hectic weekend with all the parties and World of Warcraft Boozin. 🙂

So with this award, i have to name 7 things people don’t know about me….hummmm…..

7.  I HATE Shopping…..i think it fucking sucks. Although i do like to go to places like Best Buy n shit to shop….I just cant clothes shop. Its lame…

6. I don’t type properly. I used the three middle fingers on my left hand and only my index and middle finger on my right hand. i SOMETIMES use my right thumb but hardly ever.

5. I USED to be a really good artist when i was younger, but now i couldn’t draw to save my fucking LIFE.

4. I LOVE 80’s hair metal POWER BALLADS. 🙂

3. When i was younger i would listen to music and play air drums or the keyboard.

2. The first time i cried over a boy i was like in the fourth grade his name was John Goodwin and he had green eyes and i remember i was so fucking in LOVE with him. I googled him within the last few years and he’s a FIREFIGHTER in NV. And YUP he’s still fucking hot. He’s married.

1. The first time i skipped school i was in the 3rd grade.  Me and my little friend hid in the bushes by the pool lol. And ran around the fields pushing each other down the hills in a shopping cart. Then we got thirsty and decided to go back on campus like geniuses. Totally got busted.

Seven people i with to bequeath this to are….

Ashley – Because she is fuckin NUTS! lol And she cracks me up!

Jenny – Because she is so FUNNY! And she gave me some of the BEST ADVICE ever!

Gubraithian Fire – Just started reading her blog and i enjoyed her view on Roaches….i have had my own issues with then especially one by the name of Esteban. Damn him fuckin Esteban. 


Shit i am LAME!!! lol…..i totally need to start reading more blogs lol….i will update this as i get more folks to add to this section… *embarrassed*